Eddy Awards


The Eddys 2020

Unfortunately, the COVID shut down in 2020 prevented us from properly honoring the following 2020 awardees, so we will be honoring them at this year's Eddy Awards Ceremony!

2020 Honorees

Outstanding teachers that inspire, challenge and support students

  • K-3rd Grade: Lani White, DeLaveaga Elementary & Lacie Wall, Gault Elementary
  • 4-5th Grade: Kristen Bates, Westlake Elementary
  • 6-8th Grade: Nadine Said, Mission Hill Middle School
  • 9-12th Grade: Steve McDowell, Soquel High School

Outstanding Classified Staff

Hard working staff that make a difference every day

  • James Gaynor, Harbor High School

Unsung Heroes

Unrecognized hard working parents and community members that make a difference every day

  • Trevor Kendall, Bay View Sail Program

Wellness Award

Those who promote wellness in mind, spirit and body

  • Branna Banks, Soquel High School

Special Foundation Awards

Exemplary teachers, volunteers and programs

  • Measure T & U Committee

Community Supporter Award

Acknowledges the tremendous gift of community support for our students

  • Rotary Club of Santa Cruz