Who We Are

Founded in 2003, The Santa Cruz Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that promotes excellence and equity in Santa Cruz City Schools by supporting programs and initiatives that develop creative, healthy, and engaged learners so that all students can achieve their full potential. The Santa Cruz Education Foundation (SCEF) supports our public schools through advocacy, outreach and fundraising.

We believe that every child deserves an excellent neighborhood school.

Current Board Members

President: Olga de Santa Anna
Treasurer: Laura Jones
Secretary: Matt Farrell
Member: Gretchen Bach
Member: Fred Gawlick
Member: Rosa Martinez

SCCS District Representative: Jacquie Benetua-Rolens



Our Mission:

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation is a local community organization promoting excellence in Santa Cruz City Schools by developing and enhancing programs so that all students can realize their full potential.

The Foundation raises private funds to support a wide range of programs and initiatives in Santa Cruz public schools so that students are exposed to a diverse and rich public education.

The amount of money distributed by the Foundation is not dependent upon enrollment or government funding. Rather, it depends upon the contributions of local citizens and businesses.

Our Vision:

Excellence in public education – for everyone!

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation works to ensure that every one of the 7,000 students at our 10 campuses, from transitional-kindergarten through high school, has an outstanding and equitable educational experience.

Our Goals:

  • To educate the community about the critical funding needs of public education.
  • To offer financial support for existing and new cultural, academic and other educational programs, and support the health and wellness of students and families.
  • To become the focus of district-wide fundraising for Santa Cruz City Schools and to undertake the disparities between school site funds.
  • To provide a continuous funding source for programs that inspire all students to succeed.

Our History:

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation was formed in 2003 by a diverse group of parents, educators and community leaders who collectively believed in the power of great neighborhood schools, accessible to all children in our community. For the past two decades, the Foundation's goal has been to uplift Santa Cruz City Schools by raising private money to augment declining government funding.

Although other area organizations raise funds for specific groups of students or school sites, the Santa Cruz Education Foundation is the only non-profit organization dedicated to serving all students in Santa Cruz City Schools.

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation serves Santa Cruz City Schools.