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Santa Cruz Education Foundation

Our Mission

Founded in 2003, The Santa Cruz Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that promotes excellence and equity in Santa Cruz City Schools by supporting programs and initiatives that develop creative, healthy, and engaged learners so that all students can achieve their full potential.

The Santa Cruz Education Foundation (SCEF) supports our local public schools through advocacy, outreach and fundraising.

Our Goals:

  • To educate the community about the critical funding needs of public education.
  • To offer financial support for existing and new cultural, academic and other enrichment programs, and support the health and wellness of students and families.
  • To become the focus of district-wide fundraising for Santa Cruz City Schools and to undertake the disparities between school site funds.
  • To provide a sustainable funding source for programs and initiatives that support all students to succeed.

Ways to Give

There are several ways to make a tax-deductible donation to the Santa Cruz Education Foundation, including monetary donations through PayPal, in-kind donations, grants through Donor Advised Funds and more.

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Eddy Awards

Every year we recognize excellence in public education - our teachers, parent volunteers, educational programs, individual schools and unsung heroes. Additionally, the Roseann Coonerty Layne Inspiring Teaching Award recognizes 7th through 12th grade teachers who teach writing, history, social studies, government, civics or any other writing-intensive course.

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Thank You to our Sponsors and Partners